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Netherlands > Internet & e-commerce
BBC complains to Dutch website owner over teletext copyright violation

30/03/2005 by Joe Figueiredo

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The BBC has urged Hendrik Noorderhaven, a consultant and former candidate for the European Parliament, to stop publishing the British broadcaster’s teletext details on his website,, claiming copyright infringement.

Mr. Noorderhaven launched his website two years ago to allow Dutch cable- television viewers follow British sports results. (Dutch cable television apparently only broadcasts a limited version of the BBC’s teletext pages.)

Mr. Noorderhaven deploys a computer based in Britain to update the website with complete teletext information.

However, what Mr Noorderhaven publishes on his website - which attracts some 15,000 daily visitors - is by and large identical to the content on the official BBC website.

Mr. Noorderhaven did inform the BBC immediately of his initiative, 'but I was told to close down the website right away,' he said.

Nonetheless, Mr Noorderhaven has indicated that he has no intention of complying: 'I publish the teletext pages without any changes and earn absolutely nothing for doing so.'

'I am leaving my teletext website online and we’ll just have to wait and see,' said a defiant Mr Noorderhaven, who believes that the BBC is preparing legal action against him.

The BBC has not confirmed that it had complained to Mr. Noorderhaven, and would not provide any further details.

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BBC complains to Dutch website owner over teletext copyright violation
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CEEFAX in Holland
"(Dutch cable television apparently only broadcasts a limited version of the BBC’s teletext pages.)"

For those interested, Dutch cable operators used to distribute BBC signals via Dover and Calais, but that link has now been shut down. Since then they've relied on digital satellite, and the BBC has reduced its CEEFAX offering on that platform.
David van Kemenade

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  Joe Figueiredo Joe Figueiredo
Joe Figueiredo is a business & technology writer, specialising in information and communications technology (ICT) and converging media. He holds degrees in mathematics and computer science from American universities and developed his professional writing skills over the course of a 20-year tenure in the ICT industry.
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