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BBC warns IT consultant over 'illegal' site

A computer consultant has provoked the wrath of the BBC by creating a website in the Netherlands which lets online users browse Ceefax, the British broadcaster’s teletext information service.

Dutch businessman, Hendrik Noorderhaven, claims he has done nothing wrong developing a system to perfectly capture Ceefax pages and transmit them to worldwide audiences via his website

According to the FT, Mr Noorderhaven says specialist software has enabled him to make the text database simpler to use, and he plans further services to improve the public service.

These are likely to take shape as add-ons to existing services, which will display screens of helpful information.

But the BBC rejects the model behind Ceefax TV, saying it infringes copyright laws and effectively means the site should be taken offline.

If Mr Noorderhaven fails to act, the Beeb has vowed to launch legal action as a last resort against the IT consultant, who is also a former candidate for the European Parliament.

The dispute highlights the tough task content owners face in trying to ensure that creations are protected in an environment where there are no international boundaries, governance rules or regulations.

Mar 29, 2005

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