Explanation for Fast-Keys on Teletext

The number pad on the mobile phone will act as the navigational control when viewing the text pages. The numbers 2, 5, 8 and 0 will be the keys that will allow smooth and rapid navigation within the page that is being viewed. With the number 2 and 0 keys you can jump to the top and to the bottom of the selected page. The number 5 key takes you to the navigation area for viewing sub-pages directly. For example, page 234 may have 7 sub-pages. When pressing 5 you will be directed to a navigation bar that will allow you to directly choose the desired sub-page. When you are viewing within the sub-pages the number 8 key will direct you to the first sub-page when viewing sub-pages.

When viewing it is possible to navigate to the previous or next page using the number 4 and 6 keys. When on page 101 the number 4 key will direct you to page 100 or when pressing the number 6 key you will be directed to page 102. When viewing sub-pages this action is also possible but with the use of the number 1 and 3 keys. For example if you are on sub-page 5 of a main page the number 1 key will bring you to sub-page 4 or if you press the number 3 key you will be brought to sub-page number 6.

Directly accessing a favourite page is possible. On top of each page there is the choice of accessing the 'get' link. Selecting this option allows you to enter the desired page after which you click on the option of "get it" and you will be able to view the page. For this option there are no sub-pages given and you will be sent to the first active sub-page.

Viewers have the option to bookmark favourite pages in phone memory. Accessing the bookmark will bring the user directly to their favourite pages.

Within pages phone numbers may appear. These numbers will be active and thus clickable. When outside the UK, the user will have to apply the +44 prefix. This enables the user to directly phone the number given on the page. Internet sites will also be clickable. This will only work if the provider of the ceefax page has made the site compatible for mobile phone use. This will allow the user to further browse that site.

If there should be any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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